Fire-Breather Theodore

Hello, world. I'm a teenage girl from Tennessee who happens to enjoy a great number of things, including writing, reading, knitting, and thinking for the sake of thinking. I like making friends, so don't be afraid to chat with me if you're a nice person and you like my blog. :)

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Yes, I know that people suffer sometimes, and yes, I do want to be a good writer. I understand that a good amount of my characters are going to DIE because of the plot I have chosen.


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    Hello there! :) I was aware that OYAN had a large community on Tumblr, but honestly, I wouldn’t know anyone. This is my...
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    Hello! I see you are an OYANer! Did you know there are other OYANers here on Tumblr? Let me be the first to welcome you...
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    No, I just thought of good ways to torture and kill my characters. *nodnod* I will have to tell you mine tomorrow.